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    weird CPU usage (shoots to 99% intermittently)

    Geert Vandensteen Newbie


      we have a setup of 2 machines, one that has our jboss (with an enterprise app on it, and 2 JMS queues), and the other machine has the database.

      Yesterday we performed a stresstest on the machine, and everything was fine.
      Today however, we noticed that our server was behaving very weird. We were getting a 99% CPU usage on one of our 2 processors while the application/server wasn't doing anything at all !!
      This CPU usage lasts for about 5 seconds, and dies down, then everything is quiet for about 14 seconds, and the 5 seconds load starts again... and on ... and on... and on...

      We have been running this app for quite a while in this setup, and have never experienced a problem like this. We suspect that the stresstest might have caused the problem...

      We have no idea where this CPU usage is coming from, and are having a hard time putting our finger on the source of this problem...

      anyone with experience wrt this problem ???