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    Thread queue limitation when server capacity reached

    Robert Costanzo Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm using JBoss 3.2.6 with the bundled Tomcat. I am using Apache with the AJP13 connection to Tomact. In situations where we have major traffic spikes, the rate at which requests come in can be faster than the rate at which they are fulfilled. In this situation, the jk thread pool currentThreadCount hits the maximum (currently we have it set to 350 threads) and requests begin to take a long time to complete as the queue quickly backs up.

      Is there a way to put a maximum size limit on the number of requests to queue up? I think it's Tomcat which owns the queue. Ideally, I would have a 503 sent to any request over the queue limit (resource temporarily busy), rather than the user watching his browser spin for what can be minutes. I've seen an acceptCount configuration, but only when using HTTP connections, not for AJP13.