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    JBoss 4.0.2 versus IBM WAS5.1.0.4

    Christian Büker Newbie


      we are relative new to jboss - just testing the migration from IBM WebSphere Application Server to JBoss 4.0.2.
      Today we tested the performance between the two application servers...with no good result for JBoss, i think! :(

      Our systems:
      -Linux/s390 (kernel 2.4) running under a zVM5.1 in an IBM z900 zSeries beast (production running z990).
      -IBM HTTP Server
      -IBM DB2 8.1
      -IBM CICS Transaction Gateway 5.1 (using IBM Java131 SDK)

      Our Application:
      It's a webfrontend, replacing the simple 3270 emulation (HOST) and using a DB2-Enterprise located at our mainframe. Connection to CICS is done via the CICS-gateway (haha).

      Server 1 runs JBoss 4.0.2 (with IBM SDK 142), server 2 runs IBM WAS5.1.0.4.
      Testtool is the LoadRunner/WinRunner Suite by Mercury.

      In first run, the Servers were virtually equipped with "Hardware" configured as:
      -server1(jboss): 1024MB, 1 VCPU
      -server2(WAS5.1) : 768MB, 1VCPU.
      WAS5.1 JVM Heap was min256 and max512 - same for JBoss => the winner was...IBM WebSphere
      Second run i reserved more memory for server1 within the zVM. Pushing it up to 1280MB. The winner was...IBM WebSphere.
      In the third run i changed the JVM max. heapsize of JBoss to 768M...the winner was WAS5.1 again but JBoss performance increased a bit.

      It can't be a result of HTTPD<->JBoss - when testing with JBoss' native 8080 the performance decreases...another bit slower.
      It can't be the VCPU - zVM is running with 3 dedicated Linux-IFLs. Their load when benchmark is running is round about 20% each...no problem here!

      Question is: where to look for? Or: Does IBM WebSphere always perform better than JBoss?

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          Clebert Suconic Master

          It depends on how you configure/use JBoss.

          Also, are you using CMP.

          What are you doing?

          What tests are you using with Loadrunner? (Did you create your own tests?)

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            Christian Büker Newbie


            thanks for your reply.

            no - we aren't using CMP/EJBs.
            forgot to say in the leading post: i'm a sysadmin - i'm *not* a java/webapp developer.

            what we are doing:
            loadrunner-scripts are done by our developers. better: the script is a recording of a simple end-user action our employees would to.

            -searching DB2 tables located at our mainframe (DB2)
            -CICS transactions

            the test-script doesn't change anything. the recording is a simple reading task.

            1) searching a customer via name, customerid or anything else (CICS-transaction)
            2) viewing the customers data (CICS-transaction/DB2)
            3) do another search
            4) view data...
            5) and so on.

            the application is *far* more complex, but the test itself is quiet as simple as written above. point is: the server hasn't got much to do. test runs in T-environment. DB2 responses and CICS-transactions running at normal speed - the server hasn't to wait long for other systems to deliver it's data.

            DB2 stuff is done via DCS-connection (DB2 connect on webserver) to our mainframe.


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              Emilio Dolce Newbie

              I've tried to produce a 1166 pages PDF with iText 1.4 and while WAS take 90 sec, JBOSS 4.1 take only 25 secs.
              But platform is a Laptop with Windows XP sp2 with 1Gb of memory and a Centrino 1,6 Ghz.