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    JBoss Memory Profiling w/ Rational Purify

    Steve Malson Newbie

      Has anyone tried using Rational Purify to conduct memory profiling on JBoss? Purify is crashing during JBoss initialization and I wanted to know if there are work arounds. Environment:

      Windows 2000 SP4
      rational Purify 2003.06.15.734.000

      command line:

      added the following to java command line:
      -XrunPureJVMPI:Purify -classpath .....Rational.jar

      I receive the following error about 4 minutes into the run:

      'Exception: MapViewOfFile failed while attempting to re-map the data for the run. An error was encountered processing the dataset (error=e29a000d). This run will be closed.'

      I am assuming this is a Purify error and I am waiting on access to be able to submit a trouble ticket to Rational.

      Thank You,