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    Monitoring Tool

    sachin dorge Newbie

      We have application using fiorano on jboss server ,
      is there any open source tool availabel for linux OS ,
      monitoring the Jboss server ,

      i have nmon which is excellent , for monitoring linux , cpu , memory , others , not to particular jboss ??

      anybody have idea ??

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Have you tried Nagios (http://www.nagios.org/) or GroundWork (they have both open source and for fee versions) (http://www.itgroundwork.com/)? I know that both can montior mbeans.

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            Mark Ricard Newbie

            While not open source, here is a really nice free one. "Free" if you want to monitor no more than 5 things. User interface is very nice.


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              tar?k parlayan Newbie


              i want to search same tool for monitoring my jboss application servers log from 1 center. i didn't find 3. party or open source tool like it. manageengin is motironing tool for cpu - memeory or disk usage. but not for application logs.
              can anybody recomend something like that

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                Gurunandan Newbie

                Site below has lists of tools monitoring JBoss:

                HP has a Smart plugin which monitors following:
                1)Monitor availability of JBoss servers
                2)Monitor CPU Utilization by Server
                3)Monitor Memory Utilization by server
                4)Process Monitoring
                Here is link of site:

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                  Gurunandan Newbie

                  Adding SPI for JBoss monitors log files also.

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                    Check out http://www.javaperformancetuning.com for a complete list of tools, and tuning advice for java apps.

                    Here is some info on my own JAMon open source monitoring tool. The JAMon servlet filter, and JAMon jdbc proxy driver are no-code solutions for timing page hits, and database sql (for any jdbc driver). Read on for more info...

                    One strength of jamon is the diversity of things that it can monitor and the ease with which you can do it.

                    1) JDBC/SQL Monitoring - You can monitor you sql/jdbc without changing
                    code, by using the new driver. Next I will work on providing a DataSource
                    which will make using it in J2EE apps easier. Here are some samples of
                    how you can monitor your SQL/JDBC WITHOUT changing your code. I tested the
                    the new jamon monitoring driver with a couple jdbc drivers
                    (HSQLDB/ASA/IQ/OpenA). The driver to use in class.forName(...) is:

                    ON SOFTWARE

                    2) Servlet Filter - You can use the servlet filter to monitor pages in your
                    web app without changing a line of code. Simply add some lines to your

                    3) Interface Monitoring - ANY java interface as well as the exceptions it
                    throws can be monitored with 1 line of code.

                    MyInterface mine=(MyInterface) MonProxyFactory.monitor(new MyObject());

                    4) Exceptions/SQL Details - Previous versions of JAMon only allowed you to look at the jamon summary report. Now you can look at an Exception buffer of the most n recent exceptions any monitored interface have thrown (including jdbc interfaces such as Connection). You can also look at the most N recent query that was thrown.

                    5) Dynamic Changes to Monitor Strings - As jamon uses strings which can be created at runtime you can monitor runtime data such as pagehits by user, by day, and many other things.

                    Monitor mon=MonitorFactory.start("pageHit."+userName);

                    6) More Info - My web site does a good job of explaining these capabilities
                    and more. I also have a couple releases planned with some cool new
                    features over the next couple months.

                    A demo can be found at http://www.ssouza.com/jamon ,and JAMon can be
                    downloaded at http://www.jamonapi.com

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                      Joe Shestak Newbie

                      I Suggest you to go with MindArray IPM. It offers free and enterprise version. MindArray allows you to gain deep insight into JVM performance metrics, J2EE application and hardware and server performance data as well as network resources. MindArray IPM simplifies performance management into inter-dependent IT infrastructures.

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                        Paul Hinds Newbie

                        kibana / splunk