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    EntityLockMonitor usage

    Claire Costello Newbie

      Hi All,

      JBoss version: 4.0.2
      Windows Server 2003

      I want to view lock information (as per pg 247 of the JBoss 4.0 Guide). I've uncommented the relevant code in jboss-service.xml:

      <mbean code="org.jboss.monitor.EntityLockMonitor"

      I can view the service through the jmx-console but how can I get access to the read-only attributes and invoke the printLockMonitor method?


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          Claire Costello Newbie

          Strangely enough, I just got access to the methods I mentioned in my previous post by doing the following:

          1. Downloaded the free version of Application Manager (as suggested by another post in this forum). I needed to monitor things, especially lock contention, and this software looks like a neat tool.
          2. Deployed the JBoss monitoring agent SAR which was bundled with the download. The deployment seemed to kickstart EntityLockMonitor successfully and I can now view all the stats referred to in the book.

          Has anyone been able to activate EntityLockMonitor another way?