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    Please fix one problem in suggestion box!

    Eleas Newbie

      Good day,

      I found one little problem in suggestion box implementaion which prevent me from real usage in projects.

      The problem is:
      Suppose, we enter some information in a input field with enabled suggestion box. Than we have to ways:
      1) We wait for a suggestion.
      2) We enter manualy all required information and go to another field.

      If we realize the first way: ALL IS OK.
      But if we go to another field without obtaining suggestion: the suggestion box appear anyway. And this appearance creates some difficulties when you fill big form.


      Is it possible to make some config attribute like:
      if true - behaviour the same
      if false - suggestion box doesn't appear, when input field not in focus.

      Sorry for my english:) But I hope that I describe the problem correctly:)