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    modify the values of attributes in ServerInfo

    Nainar Mohamed Newbie

      I am doing load testing with JMeter - comparing jboss3.2.5 and jboss3.2.8.
      I found after whatever testing I have completed that jboss3.2.5 is performing better than jboss3.2.8 (interms of no of users i.e., when the no of users is increased then jboss3.2.8's performance starts falling down)

      After some observation in both of the 3.2.5 and 3.2.8 versions of Jboss, using JMX, I found that the JVM Harware default values are not same.
      Especially in terms of threads/NoOfUsers - the attribute value "ActiveThreadCount" of jboss3.2.8 is just 63 whereas it is 116 in jboss3.2.5.

      I also noticed that jboss3.2.8 is performing better when the load (no of users is reduced) is less.
      My question is - how to change the value of the attribute "ActiveThreadCount" ?

      Please guide me to accomplish this.