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    check_jbossjmx (jboss plugin for nagios)  +  line 41: [: 43:

    Prashant n Newbie


      I am planning to use nagios to monitor jboss 4.0.3sp1 and downloaded the check_jbossjmx from the jboss-wiki. however running the jboss plugin for nagios as the user nagios returns

      ./check_jbossjmx: line 41: [: 43: unary operator expected
      ./check_jbossjmx: line 45: [: 43: unary operator expected
      JMX ATTRIBUTE OK - jboss.jca:name=OracleDAODS,service=ManagedConnectionPool-InUseConnectionCount:43

      the command is :
      ./check_jbossjmx seakeylive.com 4 "jboss.jca:name=OracleDAODS,service=ManagedConnectionPool" InUseConnectionCount

      Please guid me how to get this resolved ...