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    Basil Jawad Newbie

      how can the tabselected be switch when the user click on any of the tab
      my code is below:

      <rich:tabPanel width="100%" switchType="server" id="mainTap" >

      <rich:tab label="Names" reRender="customerNavigationForm" name="n"
      <h:outputText value="Names"></h:outputText>

      <rich:tab label="Addresses" reRender="customerNavigationForm" name="a"

      <h:outputText value="Addresses"></h:outputText>

      <rich:tab label="Description" reRender="customerNavigationForm"
      <h:outputText value="Description"></h:outputText>


      all what im trying to do is when select any of those tabs to navigate to another content page and ofcourse get the tabselected to be highlighted

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          Sergey Smirnov Master

          It is hard to understand what you mean. If you ask how to load tabpanel with predefined selected tab:
          the rich:tab has 'name' attribute. rich:tabPanel has a 'selectedTab' attribute. It should point to one of the tab name to make this tab selectable on load.