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    A strange slowly running thread which has been run by servle

    Micha Kr Newbie

      I've a typical web application with some servlets.
      One servlet starts a threat (it's a typical thread which implements runnnable interface). This thread has run method of course, this method executes external command pgdump (from PostgreSQL).

      Both systems (Linux and Windows XP) have Java and Jboss 4.0.1.

      When it is running on Linux this operation takes 10 seconds, when it is running on Windows XP it takes 1 hour!
      When I extract this code and put it into one class and I run this class as a thread from simple class with main method, it takes also only 10 seconds or so (on Windows).
      But - nobody knows why - when jboss container runs it on Windows, it takes 1 hour.
      Any ideas?