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    Jboss performance - not using all available resources

    James Donnelly Newbie


      We have a new server with 8 cpus and 12gb of ram. We can't get Jboss to exploit the CPU resources available, and we're not sure where the bottleneck is.

      JBoss 4.0.5 resides on the main server, with MySql 5 running on a separate box, connected via a dedicated private gigabit ethernet. We're using Java 5.

      Requests to the application get appended to a JMS queue running against the Mysql 5 server mentioned above.

      Once the queue is populated, a message driven bean picks up from it to action the requests.

      The CPU usage never goes beyond 40-50% of one CPU when Jboss is processing the queue.

      The database server is practically idling during this time, as it has a raid 10 array of very fast disks and 4 CPU's. The network traffic between JBoss and Mysql is minimal, so that isn't the bottleneck either.

      I have tested a small multi-threaded counting program, which proves that the JVM is more than capable of exploiting all 8 CPU's at 100%

      We've adjusted most parameters we can think of to get JBoss to go faster, but nothing makes much of a difference, including connection pool settings, number of concurrent mdb's, thread pool settings.

      It's using 2gb of Xms/Xmx (this is the maximum for one JVM right?)

      If anyone has any pointers towards where to look for a bottleneck it would be very helpful.