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    Performance Tuning .. Requests get lost?

    Jasdeep Newbie

      During performance tuning of my JSP/Struts web-application deployed over jboss.. I have not got success yet.
      During performance/load testing of my web application with apache jmeter.
      It is OK upto 1400 request per minute
      But if i increase the load , i get following
      Issue: from 1800 requests sent to the application only 1283 were processed ,rest of the requests were lost. I reviewed the application logs. It show it received only 1283 requests, and were processed successfully without any database error, or Java heap space error.

      Is it due to lesser thread pool size configured in the Jboss configuration.that prevents it from processing further request ?

      hardware configuration(i use Celeron 3.0Ghz , 1 GB RAM) can be an issue , but the requests should not be lost ..

      Is there any way to tune this load ?
      The required target is whopping 15000 requests per minute.