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    No More Managed Connections Error

    Ravi Bhatt Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am using JBoss 4.0.3SP1 and mysql on linux box. I have getting "No More managed Connection" error if jboss is up for more than 3 days.

      I have kept 200 max connections in mysql ds file and 200 max coonections in myql config file too. One of the batch jobs creats around 90 odd connections at night. In 3 days, at JMX console i see "Available coonection count" as 0 and "Connections in use" as 200.

      When i look at mysql, it shows me that 200 coonections were in use at one time but now (at that time) only 2 or 3 coonections are in use.

      I have set idle timeout to "1" in jboss. Still, either the coonections are not geting released or connects are sitting idle and not being used by jboss when new request comes.

      Please guid me on this. I have checked my code for possible connection leaks and have put connection.close() at every possible location.

      Any work arounds for this? Am i missing anything?

      Thanks in advance,