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    Thread creation impacts performance - SNMP stack

    dpocock Newbie

      When an SNMP stack is used to send queries to remote SNMP agents, JBoss slows down. This is particularly severe when SNMP GetNext is used to browse a process table or other large table.

      Various SNMP stacks, including the joeSNMP bundled with JBoss, and Westhawk SNMP stack, rely on thread creation. Usually there is a listening thread and a sending thread (for retries). These threads run in parallel to the main application.

      J2EE prohibits arbitrary creation of threads. The various SNMP stacks do not create threads in a way that is safe for J2EE/JBoss.

      In a typical `management station' application, a J2EE timer bean is used to send an SNMP get at regular intervals. E.g., every 60 seconds, an `SNMP Get' request is sent to discover the temperature reading of an external device.

      What is the recommended way of implementing this application safely in the J2EE/JBoss environment? Is the joeSNMP stack bundled with JBoss modified to perform this function safely?