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    JVM memory foot print on Fedora

    Kevin Tien Newbie

      I am running JBoss 4.0.2 with JVM, with maximum heap and PermGen memory size set to be 1GB and 256MB, respectively.

      I deployed JBoss with our application on Fedora 5 (FC5) with 2GB of memory and the memory footprint is as follows:

      Memory: 634m
      Virtual Memory: 1712m

      I then deployed the exact same code and configuration on a similarly configured Windows XP machine, with 2GB of memory as well and Windows version of JVM and memory footprint is as follows:

      Memory: 331m
      Virtual Memory: 322m

      I obtained these numbers right after JBoss start-up while the system is idling doing nothing.

      Can someone shed some lights on why such a great memory utilization discrepancy on the two platforms? And what do I need to do to tune JBoss/JVM and/or Fedora to bring the memory utilization to a more management level? I tried to Google for some answers but didn't find anything related.