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    Performance Tuning EJB 3.0 in JBoss

    Mario Kofler Newbie


      so my application uses ejb 3.0 persistent entities. i am doing some simple performance studies of different application servers and realized that jboss is performing bad, when it is about to write/delete persistent entities.

      I believe it is a configuration issue and as far as i can see, the bottleneck is the persistent entity pooling and caching. so my question is how can i tune the cache and pool used for 3.0 entity beans to make my jboss server perform better?

      according to the documentation i can change these settings:


      Container-managed persistence entity version 2.0 = Standard CMP 2.x EntityBean

      Container-managed persistence entity version 1.1 = Standard CMP EntityBean

      Bean-managed persistence entity = Standard BMP EntityBean

      but i did not find a setting for ejb 3.0 beans. By the way i am using JBoss 4.2.1.

      any help is appreciated, thanks a lot!