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    Trying to increase performance, doesn't seem to be CPU or DB

    James McPhail Newbie


      I am trying to maximize the performance/thoroughput of my JBossAS.

      Currently my server processes approximately 60 external requests per second. At this rate CPU usage is at ~50% usage, memory is at ~35% and the load on the DB machine is similar.

      I have tried fiddling with various parameters of the system, namely the JMS threadpool size (all requests are placed on the JMS queue) and the JMS connection pool size. The modifications I make only seem to have a minor effect on the system's performance, and even setting the pool settings to very high values doesn't result in a much different operation. The system loads never goes higher than what I mentioned above.

      Are there settings which I could change in addition (or in place of) those I mentioned to get the desired results? Is there potentially another bottleneck (local secondary storage, network, etc.) that could cause this?

      Any help is greatly appreciated.

      Server specs:

      Dual-Quad Core System, 4G ram