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    Jboss 4.2.1 GA throughput and tuning

    Smarty m Newbie

      I am running my (non-ejb) application on Jboss 4.2.1 GA on Linux machine with Java 1.5. The jboss is configured to use ajp connection pool using apach server in front.
      Jboss is configured with the default ajp connection pool settings.
      I have following questions

      1) As apache is just in front of jboss(using mod_jk) and not really being used for load balancing or any static data serving, Is it better to use jboss directly or apache-jboss combination is better for performance reasons?
      2) What should be the ajp connection pool settings to serve 30-40 requests per second. If I use direct jboss(without apache), what should be the http connector settings?
      3) Whats the maximum throughput (no of requests per second) I can get from jboss provided jboss takes 1 second to process each request?

      Thanks in advance.


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          Smarty m Newbie

          Hi Guys,
          I see no replies. Does these questions are so so hard to answer? Plz give pointers if you can.


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            Peter Johnson Master

            1) If all Apache is doing is a pass-through, then yes removing it should speed up response time. Check out JBossNative, which installs the Apache Portalbe Runtime into JBossAS - it gives the performance benefits of Apache to JBossAS.

            2) How many simultaneous connections will you have? That's how many threads you need. The default is a maximum of 250 threads, which is way more than you need. The best thing to do is monitor the actual maximum number of threads used and set it to that. If course, having maxThreads set to a too-high number does not really matter because that number of threads is allocated only if required.

            3) This depends entirely on your application and the hardware you are running on. You need to run your own performance tests to determine this number.