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    Throughput decreases on a long run

    senthil kumar Newbie

      I am using jmeter to measure the performance of my web application.I am running the performance test against a static HTML page in my application.Initially i am getting throughput of around 120 requests/sec in jmeter. But the throughput decreases consistently and drops to <5 requests/sec when the performance test is run for 15 hrs or more.Could someone help me with this problem. I am not using any load balancer or stuffs. Heap memory is set to 512 mb. I am using jboss version 4.2.2.

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Have you checked that it is not JMeter that is getting bogged down? I have done a similar test (though not when running a long time) with a simple "hello world" servlet, running about 400 requests per second. At that rate JBoss AS was using very little processing power but JMeter was almost overwhelmed.

          What data have you gathered so far, be JBoss AS both on the JBoss AS platform and JVM and the JMeter platform and JVM?