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    GC does not appear to be running

    Sreelatha Reddy Newbie

      I am using JMeter to stress test my J2EE application that is running on JBoss. With regular usage the thread count will be at 50, with Stress test, the thread count go to 200-250. Even one day after the test, I still see the same thread count in JMX console.

      When I do listThreadCpuUtilization(), I can see that around 20 thread are using 0 CPU, around 100 of them are using 50-200 CPU cycles. I am not sure whether this is normal. Isn't GC Demon thread suppose to run and clean out these threads? If I restart JBoss, count goes back to 50. But when I run the stress test again to bring the thread count up, and wait couple of days, I still see these threads, active and taking some CPU cycles.

      Any suggestions?