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    reasonable defaults for CORBA configuration?

    Jonathan Halliday Master

      I'm having issues when running org.jboss.test.jca.test.TxConnectionManagerStressTestCase with the CORBA based transaction service (JBossTS JTS). I can make the test pass, but to do so I need to mess with various combinations of:

      ulimit -s
      ulimit -u
      java -Xss

      and even then I still need to turn down the log4j threshold or the disk writes slow things down to the point that the test times out.

      We already recommend JTS users increase jacorb.poa.thread_pool_max (from 8 to 32), but that alone is not sufficient to get the test to pass.

      So, my question is: is it ok for the test to fail with the default settings for the above parameters. If not, what default parameters can we reasonably ship JBossAS with given typical user hardware specs, and/or how far can we reasonably cut back the test before it becomes meaningless.