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    Sudden increase in Jboss memory

    navin augustin Newbie


      I am using JBoss 4.0.5.GA. I have 8 EJBs deployed in that server. Java Swing application is talking to this server. Toplink is used to talk to the database[oracle].

      Xms and mx are set as 512 and 1024.
      Jboss normally uses around 250Mb and the application just runs fine. The JBoss server is restarted every morning.

      Every now and then, within a matter of seconds, JBoss would go from 250Mb to 1024Mb and stop responding to user calls.

      I checked the logs to check on all the requests that came in before JBoss stopped responding. Ther are no issues there.

      I just couldnot tell why Jboss would max out the menory all of a sudden.

      For some reason, it does ont throw OOM error either. It just stays there and occupies all the CPU and memory and stops responding.

      It is not a memory leak as it does not increase gradually. It just happens suddenly. More over, it does not happen every day. Users do the same thing everyday. So, I know for sure it is not related to what the user is doing.

      I could not reproduce in test environment.

      Hence, I could not really add profiler and reduce the performance in Production.

      Any thoughts?