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    Server very slow

    Gupta Kancharla Newbie

      we installed Jboss 5.0.1GA on Sun T1000 server, using "default" configuration as it is provided by jboss. But somehow the server seems to be very slow. Starting of server itself it taking 4 minutes. And to process reasonbly small JSF page took aroud 3-4 secs. Surprisingly Same application when I installed on my laptop(windows xp). server is being started in less than 2 minutes and the pges is being processed in 1 secs.

      Am i missing something. Please provide me any link to help me improving the performance of the server.

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          sachin mishra Newbie


          Have a look at the memory settings in the run.conf file and also monitor the Garbage collections. This will give you some starting point as to what needs to be tuned.

          Search the forum for Performance tunning or heap settings and you will find some tips on how to tune the server properly.

          I am currently also in a process of tunning a Jboss server running in a clustered mode with 24G RAM.

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            Frank Langelage Master

            May be you can tune this a little bit, but I doubt you get major improvements.
            The T1000 has a 6 or 8 cores with 4 execution threads in each, so up to 32 "virtual" CPUs.

            But on startup and executing single requests you do not benefit from that.
            Here you are limited to the slow single thread performance. The CPU has only 1 GHz.
            Running the same app on a recent laptop with 2.x GHz dual core CPU is much faster.

            The main advantage of SUNs "coolthread" architecture is the scalability.
            As long as the application is supporting it, you can serve up to 32 requests in parallel with near constant response times which won't work with your laptop.