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    VPS config tips

    Mark Varley Newbie

      Dear all - I am preparing to migrate my app (seam, mysql) after a long period of development onto production servers. I am renting a dedicated Centos server with an Intel Q660 chipset and 8gb memory. I want to be able to maximise performance whilst leaving the door open for future growth (i.e. the ability to add extra nodes with minimal downtime) and as such, I have setup a 4 VPS environment running on Xen partitioned as follows:

      = VPS 1 (Apache and Postfix email, <Proxy balancer://mycluster> load balancing to the JBoss servers,)
      = VPS 2 & 3: JBoss AS 5.0.1GA
      = VPS 4: MySQL

      This is all very new to me (Centos and administering JBoss) and so I would be very grateful for any suggestions relating to the config, specifically:

      = The recommended distribution of my 8gb across the VPS (e.g. a simple, 2,2,2,2 ?)
      = Recommendations for my JAVA_OPTS settings in server.xml
      = Any recommendations for config relating to my DataSource file
      = Should I be using mod_cluster instead of my current load balancing config
      = Anything I've (probably!) missed :o)

      Thanks in advance for any advice.