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    Is this a way to evaluate load balance?

    Larry Jiang Newbie

      How I used to evaluate the performance of load balancing for my cluster is to observe the CPU usage on every node.

      Today I found that the JMX MBean jboss.management.local could also show some information about load balancing.

      For example, I have a SLSB in my application called ClinetUtility
      Then the statistic information about the usage of this session bean can be found under jboss.management.local:EJBModule=xx.ear,......,j2eeType=SLSB,name=ClientUtility
      e.g getArrayFromDB=[Count: 14606, min time:0, Max Time:1437 Total time:7623773, Request Rate:52.0(Description:.......) ]

      Then I can compare this statistic info on different node and see the difference to evaluate the load balance.

      Do you also think this is a good way to do so?

      Does somebody know the meaning of Request Rate?