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    JBoss 4.2.2GA - Inactive Connections in DB (Newbie)

    n2jaz Newbie

      Our application rouinely displays no avaiable managed connections.

      The connections are "inactive" in Oracle DB. I've tried Idle timeoutminute; but it doesn't have an effect.

      How can I force removal inactive connections in DB? The application is calling a close connection but it looks like Oracle is not getting the message or not closing.

      Any suggestions are appreciated.

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          Peter Johnson Master

          JBoss AS maintains a connection pool. When your app first asks for a connection, JBoss AS opens min-pool-size connections. When your app closes the connection, it goes back into the pool. You can specify the pool min and max sizes in the *-ds.xml file. There is also a idle connection timeout setting - if that time has expired and there are more than min-pool-size connections open, JBoss AS will close the extra connections. Note, however, that min-pool-size connections will always stay open.