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    Performance JBoss 4.2.3 compared to JBoss 4.0.2

    Erwin Peeters Newbie


      i finally upgraded from JBoss 4.0.2 to JBoss 4.2.3. Unfortunately i noticed that the performance of my application decreased significantly. When i test my application on the same hardware, same VM, ... it can create about 850 database rows per second when using JBoss 4.0.2 and only about 400 per second when using JBoss 4.2.3.

      The application contains a servlet that takes requests (to create data) in the database and stores these requests (over a stateless session EJB) on a JBoss Messaging Queue. The requests will be read from that queue by a message driven bean which will create the data in the database. Under JBoss 4.0.2 the application creates about twice as much rows per second compared to JBoss 4.2.3. The application uses Hibernate, no EJB 3. The CPU usage and memory usage of the java (jboss) and mysqld processes is much higher for a similar load under JBoss 4.2.3.

      Does anybody have any idea why this is happening?

      I'm using Dell PowerEdge R610 servers with Fedora Core 11 (64 bit), Sun's JRE 1.6.0_16 and a MySQL Cluster database (5.1.37 - 7.0.8a). Under JBoss 4.0.2 i'm using JBoss Messaging 1.2.0 and under JBoss 4.2.3 i'm using JBoss Messaging 1.4.5.

      I would give JBoss 5.1 a try but i'm stuck with the problem described in this post: https://forum.hibernate.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=999881&view=next.

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