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    .NET C# WinForms Client

    Sal DiStefano Newbie


      I'm new to JBoss and Working on a new application. I need to have a Microsoft .NET Client (Winform) with a Linux/MySql backend. I was planning on using WebServices to communicate between Client and Server.

      I am looking for more information on JBoss.net and how it can help my with my application plans. The application is for some contact and inventory management.

      Any insight form others working on similar configurations, or lessons learned would be appreciated.

      Thank You


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          Dr. Christoph Georg Jung Newbie

          Hi Sal,

          we have a C#-sample in the Jboss.net module that runs
          agains some session/entity beans. The experiences are quite positive although there are some interoperability issues between .Net and Axis to be resolved.

          But do not expect there to be any documentation except source code until the end of this month ...

          If your are ready to fight, have a look at it. It´s worth it!