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    JBoss.net & MSSoap

    Pete Lehotay Newbie

      Has anyone else tried using MSSOAP 2.0 against axis/jboss 3.0? I'm able to deploy my session beans and expose them as web services, but there seem to be some type conversion issues when using MSSOAP.

      The problems seems to be that mssoap doesn't include type attributes in the parameter elements of the soap call. Looking at the log file generated by jboss, axis seems to attempt the type conversions (I see messages like 'Trying to convert java.lang.String to double') but then I get an exception from RPCProvider.processMessage().

      I can get around it by either passing all parameters coming into jboss as strings and doing the type conversions myself, or modifying the wsdl to specify the parameter types as anyType. The problem with the the second approach is that mssoap stupidly binds the namespace for the parameter type separately for each parameter, and soap is slow enough already. I'm concerned about performance with large complex types.

      I've tried rebuilding axis from source so I could add some log messages to track down the problem, but when I drop my axis.jar & jaxrpc.jar into the server/config/lib directory, I can't access the services through soap anymore. Is the axis.jar provided with jboss modified?