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    Method overloading in generated WSDL

    Ales Kracik Newbie

      I'm using JBoss 3.0.0 and its JBoss.Net modul.

      When i've tried WSDL generated for a bean with overloaded methods, it doesn't generate correct WSDL neither according to AXIS solution of overloading (using attribute 'name') nor compatible with .NET (which does not surprise me :))

      Do you plan to support overloading methods in JBoss.Net or do you solve it like some other servers by forbiding overloading for webservices?


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          Dr. Christoph Georg Jung Newbie

          Hi Ales,

          the WSDL generation is a matter of having correct meta-data, i.e., we must have additional information with the
          provider class. Axis has such information, but it is neither very well documented nor easy to develop.

          Our approach currently is to have a set of reasonable jboss.net-xdoclet extensions and corresponding provider/typemapping implementations that come with a set of alternative meta-data to the Axis ones. We need that, e.g., to determine different XML-Schema views onto the same Java class.

          It should be straightforward of extending that to support overloading through mangeling or renaming. You are invited to help us in this respect once we got the new meta-data format checked-in, ok?


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            Ales Kracik Newbie

            Thanks for the reply.

            Do i understand it correctly that you plan to create you own meta-data system describing WS? If so, what is the estimated time plan?

            Btw have you checked Macromedia Salsa beta development on
            http://betaprograms.macromedia.com? They are going to develop "independent" library for interconnection of flash and server via WS, JMX, .... (more or less what runs now with their JRun)