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    Runs in Forte, not in JBoss .NET

    George Francis Newbie

      I'm hoping someone can help me on this. I created a simple "Hello World" EJB and a corresponding application with .wsdl file in an .ear file.
      It all runs fine from Sun's Forte IDE.
      When I deployed it in JBoss, the test client comes up ok, but when I invoke the sayHello() method I get the following exception:

      12:29:02,647 INFO [STDOUT] Created SOAPException: faultCode=SOAP-ENV:Server msg=Error in connecting to EJB: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
      12:29:02,667 ERROR [STDERR] Caused by: java.rmi.ServerException: null; CausedByException is:
      No security context set; nested exception is:
      javax.ejb.EJBException: null; CausedByException is:
      No security context set

      Can someone tells me what this pertains to? I'm not to sure about security contexts in JBoss, or even if this is the real culprit.