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    How to configure JAXM in JBOSS3.0?

    sanjay Newbie

      I want deploy JAXM client in JBoss3.0. In JAXM ,theres something called jaxm-provider which acts as a gateway to route the message from one JAXM client to another.

      I deployed the jaxm .war(client) file in default\deploy dir where as jaxm-provider is a directory which i cannot make it as a .war or .ear file. So this jaxm-provider dir have be be copied & put in JBoss server.

      Where do I put this dir. I have run jaxm program in Weblogic 6.1 where I copied my jaxm-provider dir in mydomain\applications\jaxm-provider.It worked perfectly fine.

      Anyone just let me know how to deploy my jaxm-provider(gateway) dir in JBoss server & any other alternative to solve this purpose.