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    Deployment of web-service.xml file

    Matthew James Newbie

      I am trying to understand the different deployment options for web services and am getting a bit lost.

      I am using the example from http://www.csd.abdn.ac.uk/~bscharla/soap.html
      (thanks Bruce :-) and this is working great as is - ie packaged as an .ear containing the EJB jar, web app war and web service wsr.

      However I want to be able to 'bolt' the web service capabilitity onto existing EJBs - and package separately. To do this I have split the above example up and deployed the components separately (ie jar, war and wsr). The jar and war deploy fine and I can use the test page to hit the EJB using standard J2EE connectivity. However I can't get the web service to deploy.

      If I deploy the wsr I get a deployment error - it says I am trying to re-deploy something that is already deployed (een though it isn't). If I just deploy the web-service.xml file (which is all that's in the wsr anyway, that deploys with no errors - but doesn't work (ie the web service isn't available).

      I am not changing any of the files and the ear does work so I know it must be a packaging issue.
      Anyone know how this can be packaged and / or where I can look to find this out ?