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    Flash MX support

    Darryl Thompson Newbie

      Well its been at least 90 days since the Flash MX support was placed in SourceForge contrib so when will it become a part of the regular JBoss download??? Macromedia has already released a very pricey install for Java/Flash MX integration that runs on JBoss 3 as well as WLS and other J2EE servers, and Sun is moving forward with its "rich client" offerings as well. Rich client will quickly become a reality as a very viable alternative to JSP and servlet-based web pages because
      it has good advantages over the "page-centric" model used by HTML/JSP/ASP/Servlets (long story just to say) when are you guys planning to catch up and offer Flash support in some form other than "you want it? you put it together!" ???

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          Dorwin Shields Newbie

          Any update on this front?

          Sorry if something was posted, I'm just
          searching the forums right now. I was a
          bit upset after buying Studio MX only to
          find that the remoting capability would
          require a server component that they
          now charge $995/cpu for.


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            prabhakar chaganti Apprentice

            I am curious to hear of the latest on this too. I have tried to run the "hello" flash demo in jboss 3.2 from cvs and have been unsuccessful.


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              Darryl Thompson Newbie

              I have been using a Salsa beta 3 flash remoting jar file. It works great for java classes, beans, ejb. However after a 30 period it will only allow two connections at the same time. Its too bad because its a very nice product that provides really great integration with Java and it runs on JBoss with practically no installation (just include the remoting jar in your deployment).

              MM now allow free downloads of a developer version (1 connection, otherwise the same as the 900.00 version).

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                Radoslaw Sliwinski Newbie

                I used Flash Remote MX with JBoss to develop of Flash MX based CMS since Salsa Beta 2. It works fine but have some lacks. We have a lot work done but...

                The problem is the price. 1k$ per CPU is really to big for such product to be popular and to offer as solution for our clients with small business products.

                We dropped Flash Remote and looking for other solution.

                The idea is very good.

                JBos.NET is still a little to proprietary, difficult and lacks typised data structures but... it could be an open source hope...

                Worth of thinking is XML Socket communication - it allows some possibilities of real time collaboration, etc.

                Anyway I think, that market is open for product like Flash Remote, let's do something to make it popular :-)