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    Configuring JAXM

    Paul Cleary Newbie

      I am somewhat of a newbie to JBOSS, in particular JBoss.NET, and I have spent considerable amount of time spinning my wheels trying to figure this out.

      I would like to setup a prototype of one JBoss instance sending a message to another JBoss instance asynchronously (i.e. through JAXM). I have been through the AXIS user's guide (and got it working on JBoss.net), the JWDSP 1.01, and started down the JAXM RI, and I am starting to bang my head against the wall.

      JAXM uses a ProviderConnectionFactory to get a ProviderConnection to a MessageProvider, question is, how do I setup a ProviderConnection and ProviderConnectionFactory in JBoss? That is my most immediate stumbling block. After I can get the message to the provider from the MessageSender, how do I setup the second JBoss instance (the MessageReceiver if you will) to receive the message that is sent?

      Also, if anyone knows of any good resources or code I can look at I would really appreciate it.

      Thanks in advance for your help,
      Paul Cleary