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    Overview of the JBoss.NET actvitities

    Lars Mehrmann Newbie


      trying to deploy my Session Beans as Web Services, I ran into several questions. Perhaps someone could provide the answers to get a better overview of the JBoss.NET activities.

      Is there any recommended JBoss version available that has Axis 1.0 integrated?
      What is the status of the Axis integration and JBoss.net at the moment?
      Is is still being developed? Is the design fixed? Can it be use for production already?

      What does it take to get a Session Bean deployed as a Web Service?
      The GettingStarted guide does not cover a Web Service example yet (draft 4) and the other examples are often outdated and do not work out of the box?
      Is there any GettingStarted documentation available covering web service deployment?

      Is there an XDoclet version that support the JBoss.net commands?

      Lots of questions but I think that every beginner has the same issues.
      Thanks for your help.