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    rich:datascroller in Portlet

    Jannis E. Newbie

      Is it possible 2 integrate the datascroller in a portlet ?!

      Because i've implemented one, can see the right formatted table and the pagingbar, but when i click on a number or or an arrow 2 get 2 the next page the page isn't loading...

      Do i have to implement a special attribute in my managed bean oder do i have to implement a special navigation rule !?

      I'm using richfaces 3.0.1, ajax4jsf 1.1.1

      My code looks like this ...

       <rich:tab label="Test">
       <rich:dataTable width="483" id="liste" rows="10" columnClasses="col" value="#{bean.testkonto}" var="category">
       <f:facet name="header">
       <rich:subTable onRowMouseOver="this.style.backgroundColor='#D8D8D8'" onRowMouseOut="this.style.backgroundColor='#{a4jSkin.tableBackgroundColor}'" var="expense" value="#{category.objects}">
       <rich:datascroller for="liste" maxPages="20"/>

      Thx 4 your help