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    JBoss.Net + xdoclet module

    Marko Friedemann Newbie

      Hi folks,

      I wonder wether it is possible to name the input parameters when exporting a bean as a web service via jboss-net/axis?

      I have a setup finally working made with xdoclet where I have a method available as web service that has 9 input parameters and returns a bean typa class. The bean-mapping is OK and has named members (as described by the wsdl through axis). But the input parameters are just in0 .. in8. Though _I_ know what they mean, it would be good to name them differently.

      Is this possible with the current implementation? I use jboss-3.2.0beta out-of-the-box with xdoclet-1.2.0beta1 slightly modified to do the bean-mapping in a way that works (don't think the latter matters, though).