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    Unable to view WSDL

    Dhiraj Newbie

      Hi Guys,
      I have deployed a webservice onto JBoss-3.0.2. The web-service.xml file looks like this ,

      <deployment xmlns="http://xml.apache.org/axis/wsdd/"
      <!-- this is an extension to the Axis deployment descriptor which allows to specify the naming environment for the deployed ws logic -->


      <handler name "TransactionRequestHandler" type="java:org.jboss.net.axis.server.TransactionRequestHandler"/>

      I am unable to view the wsdl of the service when i do the following,

      It says that one particular entity bean has not been bound. But when i see the jmx-console that bean is listed in the JNDIVIEW

      Further more in the following link
      i can distictly see my Service listed.

      Any ideas on this problem ,

      Thanks in advance
      Dhiraj Ramakrishan