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    EJBProvider => Jndi naming question

    Laurent Broudoux Newbie


      I'm using JBoss-3.0.4 and Jboss.net module and I have written a sample "Hello World" application
      (hello.ear) containing a local session bean (hello.jar) and a web-service declaration (hello.wsr).
      The web service consists only in the exposition of the hello(String) method of session bean.

      The .wsr archive only contains the META-INF\web-service.xml. This file contain the declaration of the EJB
      method exposition :

      <deployment name="Hello"


      <parameter name="beanJndiName" value="hello/HelloLocal"/>

      beanJndiName has the value specified in the jboss.xml dd contained in hello.jar.

      My sample application works fine but when looking the testsuite of JBoss.net, I see that the beanJndiName
      contains the comp name of bean (java:comp/env/ejb/Hello).
      I have tried this setting that just throws me a javax.naming.NamingException (ejb not bound) on the server side.

      It seems logic to use the comp name because of the above declaration of <ejb-ref> but it doen't works for me ...
      Has someone a clue on what's going wrong ?