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    MS.NET C# soap client freezing when accessing Jboss.net WebS

    Ricardo Ramalho Newbie

      Hi there!

      Sorry to bother you guys with this problem of mine.

      I'm trying to integrate a MS.NET client program wich acesses data from a JBoss server via Web-Services. I successfully installed JBoss-net and deployed the Session Beans i wanted to have available as Web-Services.

      Next, i can configure the Web-Services inside Visual Studio.NET, and those methods get recognised by the IDE. The application compiles successfully.

      However, something really wierd starts to happen when i run the application and it starts calling the Web-Services. The .net app freezes when i make my second Web-Service invocation (yes... the first time a web-services is invocated it runs ok.... the second method, whatever method, i call it just freezes the app). JBoss then throws a SocketTimeOutException... I just dont understand this wierd problem...

      Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. :)

      Ricardo Ramalho