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    web services using local EJB?

    Jari Kujansuu Newbie


      I have trouble trying to publish one EJB as webservice. We are using JBoss 3.2RC1. We had test system running having services as java classes, but now we need to get them to use our real system which is EJB system.

      I have tried to look two examples I found from this forum but they just don't make sense to me. Could be that they both use different JBoss than us (4.0 or 3.0.4) and mix in jsps etc.

      I would like to find example that tells what I have to do (in JBoss 3.2RC1) to show EJB I have as SOAP services.

      Bean in question is Robocop/repository/Repository and for example would like to publish method CodeT lookupGuid(UnsignedByte[] guidArray) as SOAP service.

      I attached web-service.xml I use, and which doesn't work. It is copied from example, except those type mappings are from our earlier web-service.xml which didn't use EJBs.

      It would be great if anyone could help me. My head is starting to hurt from this lack of documentation, at least something I can find and/or understand.