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    "How to" not valid anymore?

    Chris Newbie

      The how to seem not to be valid with the cvs versions of 4.0.0alpha (or I a miising something)


      Does not work... If you do it you will g et the following error:

      No Attribute found with name: WarDeployerName

      Also the information on this page points to /axis/servlet that is not changed to jboss-net/

      Also :) /jboss-net/ will bring a page up, but the top link is a bad link out of the box... Here is the process I used to have these problems... Is the current version bad? or an I missing something. Thanks! (I am asking because I can not get any services to work, if I put a wsr file it registrers but /jboss-net/services/serviceName?wsdl does not work, says it is an invalid service...

      Step By Step of my build:

      mkdir c:\etc
      cd c:\etc
      upack jboss-head.tar.gz to c:\etc\jboss-head
      cd c:\etc\jboss-head\build
      build clean
      (6 minutes later)
      build -Dmodules=plugins/jboss.net
      (20 seconds later)
      cd C:\etc\jboss-head\build\output\jboss-4.0.0alpha\bin

      The run starts it up without error, and shows that jboss-net is registered... then http://localhost:8080/jboss-net
      I get a page but thats where the problems start...

      Thanks for any advice/help/testing