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    anranga Newbie


      I am to start off on a huge J2EE project using JBOSS. A recent addition to the requirement is to webservice enable it.

      I would like to know the extent of support to webservices on JBOSS. Reading some of the messages indicates that the support is available both through JBOSS.NET and AXIS. Is this correct. If yes, which is better (stability, scalability etc).

      I need to know the answer ASAP. Please oblige.


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          Chris Newbie


          If I understand your question correctly you want to know what is more stable JBoss.net or Axis? If this is the question you will love this answer JBoss.net is Axis (well sort of). JBoss.net uses axis for its web services. You can run axis from something like Tomcat if you want, but if you have to use JBoss anyway (for EJB's or something) you might as well use JBoss.net. The current 3.2 RC4 build of JBoss seems to be pretty good so far. (Not that they don't have a ton of work left still)