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    SOAP/Axis webService returning base64Binary needs a lot of m

    Marko Friedemann Newbie

      Hey guys.

      I got a really annoying problem with a new webservice I added to an existing and working environment (jboss-3.2.0beta w/ Jetty and axis deployed as JBoss.Net).
      The webservice returns a file as base64Binary encoded string and consumes a LOT of memory.

      When I tried to transmit a 10MB file, an OutOfMemory exception was thrown and the java instance ran at 86MB or the like. So I increased the memory size for the java instance running JBoss to 512MB maximum and now it delivers the file, but it jumps to memory consumption >300MB (starting at 50MB or the like) while executing the call!

      Now I wanted to stop axis debugging (the SOAP message with the base64Binary string shows up three times in server.log, which I assume is part of the problem), but I did not find out how to do that. Anybody has any hints for me here?

      Finally I wanted to ask wether someone already experienced something similar or has had better success than me.