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    Bug in .NET XDoclet task?

    Matthias David Newbie


      I think I found a little bug in the XDoclet template for the .Net XDoclet Task. The line

      <parameter name="beanJndiName" value="<XDtEjb:ifRemoteEjb><XDtEjbHome:jndiName type="remote"/></XDtEjb:ifRemoteEjb><XDtEjb:ifLocalEjb><XDtEjbHome:jndiName type="local"/></XDtEjb:ifLocalEjb>"/>

      creates a wrong JNDI Name, if the SessionBean has a local and a remote JNDI name. E.g. if you define both XDoclet tags "@ejb.bean jndi-name" and "@ejb.bean local-jndi-name" then the value for "beanJndiName" will be pieced together from both names.

      I might be wrong as I dont't know the XDoclet template language very well. But XDoclet generated the wrong tag in my test scenario.

      Thanks for any comments on this,