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    dragIndicator position

    bob bob Newbie


      I really like richfaces but I have a problem with that dragIndicator to make it behave like I want.

      The problem is, when I start dragging, the indicator appears at the bottom right corner of the mouse. What I want it to do, is appear with the mouse exactly where I started dragging the component. ie: if I click in the component at coordinates (5, 5), I want the indicator to appear with the mouse positionned in it at (5,5). I think this is the expected behaviour isn't it?

      If I don't use an indicator, there is a box with dashed borders appearing, that behaves exactly how I want, but it is not customizable? And I cant write into it! I saw the generated code it's in fact 4 divs, and what we see is the "hole" it forms.

      So my question is, how can I have my elements dragged the natural way? I mean if I drag one, it really IS moved, and if not dropped in an appropriate place just returns back at its place.

      Hope I was clear enough, look at this, it's what I want (2nd rectangle):

      If you can help, many many thanks!!