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    dataTabe sort ???

    Krasimir Goutcev Apprentice

      In this issue:
      sort was reported as resolved in 3.1.0.
      So now i have snapshot.

      How to test this feature?

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          It was resolved as it is a duplicate of http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/RF-6

          However, RF-6 is still there.

          This is not trivial task. To implement database sorting we need to have query data model, - instead of abstract data model, we must have something that understand database, which is a bit outside of the JSF scope.

          We are trying to do something in our upcoming rich:scrollableGrid, where we have sortableColumn.

          However, it is much simpler to find specific solution on the application level. Just use a4j:commandLink on the column header and pass column name as a parameter.