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    jUDDI problem

    brianbeck Newbie

      I've managed to install jUDDI with Tomcat and successfully run the uddi4j samples. However, I am having trouble with the jUDDI implementation in JBoss-4.0DP2. Whenever I run the BusinessEntityExample, I get the following error:

      Try to insert null into a non-nullable column in statement [INSERT INTO BUSINESS_ENTITY (BUSINESS_KEY,AUTHORIZED_NAME,PUBLISHER_ID,OPERATOR,LAST_UPDATE) VALUES ('7A6F95B0-B70D-11D7-95B0-C8E8B545F60F',NULL,'juddi','J.B.Oss','2003-07-15 15:44
      at org.uddi4j.UDDIElement.(Unknown Source)
      at org.uddi4j.response.BusinessDetail.(Unknown Source)
      at org.uddi4j.client.UDDIProxy.save_business(Unknown Source)
      at BusinessEntityExample.run(Unknown Source)
      at BusinessEntityExample.main(Unknown Source)

      Does anyone know the cause of this error? It seems I can get auth tokens and query ok.

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          Anil Saldhana Newbie

          Where is this BusinessEntity example from?

          Note you may need a file "juddi.users" under

          Mine looks:
          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


          Add the userid/password specified in the example......

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            brianbeck Newbie

            Thanks for the reply. I get the aforementioned error message after having configured a user. I can query the database successfully and I can get an auth token successfully. I just can't publish anything.

            The example program I am using is in the samples section of the uddi4j distribution. It works fine on a jUDDI install using Tomcat + mySQL.

            The sql query performed upon a publish isn't working because it is putting NULL in for the AUTHORIZED_NAME and all of the entries in the table are required to be NOT NULL.

            Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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              Anil Saldhana Newbie

              The local juddi registry that is integrated with JBoss has the following as inquiry/publish urls:


              You can just publish at this url.....

              Start JBoss before you access this.....

              Aside: Bring over the latest source files from CVS. You should see a testcase "StoreUDDIUnitTestCase.java" under /jboss.net/testsuite/src/main/org/jboss/test/net/uddi

              This testcase makes use of the above url and deploys easily.....